Our Story

Hello everyone, Marisa here! Welcome to Monarch Soap Company!

After serving 22 years in the Navy and retiring, I began making handcrafted Cold Process soap.

Making soap without the harsh chemicals and detergents commercial soaps have was important to me since they were very drying to my skin. I needed something not harsh that I could use every day. At first, soap making was just a hobby, giving them to friends and family to try. I got great feedback, and soon I became hooked! The rest is history. 

Monarch Soap company was established in sunny San Diego, California. Our name comes from my love of butterflies (especially the Monarch). 

Cold process soap and small batch skincare. Mindfully formulated with natural ingredients, and also plant-based and palm-oil free. Handcrafted and sustainably packaged.

We believe in the benefits of a clean, non-toxic, delightful self-care routine. We are convinced that nature provides the very best ingredients to turn your daily bathing and skin care rituals into a rejuvenating experience. And we firmly believe that our collective impact on the environment should be as minimal as possible.

We formulate our product recipes with natural ingredients that are safe for you and your family, and gentle on the earth.

As an environmentally conscious company, we are committed to avoiding ingredients that we deem unsustainable. Our soaps are made without the use of palm oil (an ingredient found in commercial and artisan soap alike, and whose popularity contributes to the devastation of the rain forest and its rich ecosystem). We are also committed to keeping our offerings free of animal-derived fats such as tallow and lard, and cheap filler oils such as soybean or vegetable shortening. We will, on request, use raw/organic goat's milk in our soap, which is purchased from a local family farm - but we'll never use any animal fats.

We never test on animals, and our supplies come from vendors who produce cruelty-free, fair trade products.

Ingredients WE LOVE TO USE

• Plant-based oils/butters and milks

• Fresh herbs

• Dried botanicals

• Certified pure essential oils

• Natural clays

(As much as possible, we source ingredients that are fair trade and organic)

Ingredients WE NEVER USE

Palm oil

Artificial preservatives

Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)

We strive to make soaps to suit different skin types, but if you have a special request, prepaid custom orders are always welcome.

Thank you for supporting my small business! When you purchase from my company, you are supporting a female veteran-owned business and providing for my family.  We are truly grateful for you!

xoxo Marisa