Welcome to Monarch Soap Co.

Monarch Soap Co. is not just another soap and skin care company. We are committed to healthy skin, healthy people and a healthy planet. We specialize in luxurious, organic, handmade soap made in small batches with all-natural ingredients. Our proprietary recipes are free of toxins and synthetic ingredients and are formulated to be safe for you and your family, & gentle on the earth.

It's all about the ingredients! 

As an environmentally concious company, we mindfully create our cold process soap with inspiration from our love of nature; we use organic oils, herbs, flowers, seeds, pure essential oils, and purifying clays for their exceptional skin care benefits and to provide natural color, aromatherapy, texture, or gentle exfoliation. 

We are committed to avoiding ingredients that we deem unsustainable. Our soaps are made without the use of palm oil (an ingredient found in commercial and artisan soaps alike, and whose popularity contriburtes to the devastation of Amazon rain forests and its rich ecosystem). *Our offerings are free of animal-derived fats such as tallow and lard, but on occassion we will use local/raw goat's milk or honey in our soaps as requested.